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You would like to rent an apartment...

To be successful in renting an apartment, a dossier of the following documents should be presented to the land-lord (except for short term rental) :

    • Photocopy of passport / identity card ( with photo )
    • Photocopies of last three month's pay slips
    • French resident permit ( for citizen outside the European Union & Switzerland )
    • Certificate of employment from your employer
    • certificate of study if the tenant is a student

For expatriates ( including temporary status ), rental of an apartment requires the opening of a Euro bank account in France.

In the case that a tenant's income is not sufficient for rental of an apartment :

    • Guarantor residing within French territory attesting that sufficient funds will be made available to cover the rent in the event of non-payment by the tenant. A French company with more than 5 years existence and sufficient guarantees can also be accepted.
    • A bank guarantee in favour of the land-lord or his / her representative for an amount equal to the rental period

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